Our newly created specialist and bespoke insurance department, is overseen by Steve Brindley, who brings unparalleled property insurance knowledge in house to Harper Stone, and provides us with significant competitive advantage in terms of delivering the most competitive of premiums, comprehensive policy cover, timely renewals, efficient claims handling and above all minimising liability for all our freehold clients.


  • Insurance Placement and Claims Administration
  • Building Insurance with or without Terrorism cover.
  • Directors and Officers Cover.
  • Engineering Policy.
  • Through our block policy, purchasing power and broker arrangements, we have access to multinational underwriters allowing us to obtain the most competitive of premiums, which we provide as part of a tender exercise, to allow our clients to select the most appropriate cover to meet their needs.
  • As part of our service, where we have been involved in the placing of insurance cover, we will assist you when it comes to the handling and administration of claims.
  • Through our in-house surveying department we can arrange insurance reinstatement cost assessment reports which will ascertain the correct declared value of a property and subsequently an accurate sum insured level, making sure your freehold is accurately insured.

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