In 2022 following significant company expansion and restructuring, Patrick Wright joined Harper Stone to head up our operational delivery. As the company continues to evolve and grow as a medium sized firm with established market share, it’s a core company goal to deliver the best possible service and progress to a key regional player in the ever evolving market landscape where leaseholders, legislation and clients demand more from their managing agent partner than ever before, Patrick is tasked to deliver on this key aim.



  • Legal and Compliance Department
  • Legal Completion

Our new designated Legal and Compliance department, are well versed to handle all related legal completion requirements including the new LPE1 forms, post completion notices, deed of variation’s, breaches and consents, licence of alterations, etc.

  • Company Secretarial Services

We provide registered office and co sec services to all RTM and RMC freehold clients. With bespoke software we will deliver all Company House requirements and ensure your Limited company administration is accurate in a timely and compliant manner.

  • Health and Safety Department
  • Compliance Monitoring and Management Matrix

As a key part of our proactive new Health and Safety department, our Compliance Matrix sits as the core of this. Allowing us a real time compliance score on each and every one of our managements, we can track progress, monitor task delivery and ensure we meet company KPI compliance percentages.

  • Reports, Assessments and Compliance

We rigorously and diligently deliver periodic Health and Safety reports, in order to comply with legislation and deliver high levels of H&S compliance. We instruct, analyse, assess and act upon all required reports, being Fire, Electrical, Water, General, Asbestos, Lift, or otherwise. We complete many reports via our qualified Health & Safety experts as well as utilising the countries leading consultants.

  • Property Health Checks

We have introduced a 2 page Health Check yearly document for each property, provided on a yearly anniversary direct to the freehold client. This summary report will detail the current position of the property in terms of management success, as well as a top down H&S compliance analysis – basically detailing the progress of our management.

  • Communications  - External
  • Handbooks

For key client blocks we will design, develop, produce and issue a Life@ series handbook via soft and hard copy. These design led informative booklets will provide all leaseholders with bespoke information regarding the lease clauses and operational elements of the property.

For significant medium sized properties, we will design, develop, produce and issue a Living@ series handbook via soft copy. These streamlined informative booklets will provide all leaseholders with bespoke information regarding the lease clauses and other information re the property.

  • Newsletters

For key client blocks we have introduced in 2022 half yearly newsletters for leaseholders. These will be issued via soft copy, and provide a summary of whats been going on, what is coming up, any key dates and information so leaseholders are aware of the hard work being invested and what we intend to deliver and achieve in the near future.

  • Fixflo

Our bespoke market leading property reporting and work flow software is fully functional and we would encourage all leaseholders to benefit from the user interface and multitude of benefits this cutting edge PropTech provides for real time reporting and updates on all maintenance issues.


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