In addition to the key services of Property Management, Accounts and Property Surveying at Harper Stone, our MD Chris Brotherton brings his strategic overview and experience to ensure our additional business services are in excellent stewardship.



  • Our ethos at Harper Stone is to add value to each and every freehold and client we look after, and in a continually evolving industry landscape, we are committed to exploring commercial opportunities and offering additional bespoke services to deliver much more than a stand-alone management package. We laterally focus on offering a wealth of further services and products to enhance the management service, to meet best practice, adhere to innovation and to remove liability from our clients operation.
  • Below are merely a number of services we can offer to expand on our management.
  • Major Works – Paymaster Service
  • To support the surveying functions involved in a major works project, we can act as Paymaster which includes administering the legal, financial and communication aspects of the section 20 process.
  • Freehold Acquisitions
  • We have clients willing to purchase all types of ground rents or freeholds, at competitive market rates, who are professional and well versed in the purchase process. This will include issuing section 5 notices and covering any costs involved with this legal requirement.
  • Right to Manage
  • We are able to offer advice, guidance and support through the process of forming a Right to Manage Company (RTM), and assist with providing specialist lawyers to formalise the process.
  • Collective Enfranchisement
  • Should you wish to acquire your freehold, then we are able to provide you with bespoke legal expertise and valuation surveying advice, in order to position yourself in the most advantageous way with regards to negotiating the purchase with your current freeholder.

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